Dear Marketers. You NEED to be on Google +. Here's Why...

By Michelle O'Keeffe on Feb 19, 2014
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I promise you that by the time you finish reading this article, you will be saying 'we need to do more on Google Plus'.

If you have clicked into this article, maybe you did so for a laugh. After all, everyone knows G+ is a seldom-used social network by anyone other than, well, Google employees. So, while you may be laughing now at the thought of having your brand on G+, by the time you finish reading this article, you will be picking up your phone, calling your digital agency and asking them why you aren't on G+. Don't believe me? Then keep reading.

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G+ is more than a 'social media' channel. It's an SEO tool. What Google have done is made your G+ account details your user details across all their platforms, such as Search, Youtube, Maps and Gmail. What this has meant is that Google can now easily collate all the separate pieces of data they pick up about you. Before G+, they weren't really sure if you were the same person 'searching' as the one watching the Youtube videos or sending emails. Now they know you..... Very, very well...

So, to give you a small example of what this may mean and how G+ compares to Facebook, when you go travelling:

You post your pictures on Facebook for your friends so Facebook knows where you have been (if you have tagged or commented on the location).

G+ knows how you researched the holiday, how you got there, where you are staying and maybe even how long you are staying (via search or Google Ad Network). Who you are keeping in contact with (via email) and also what related videos you are watching on Youtube (maybe you watched the In Flight Safety Video before you left!).

So now you can see that G+ are gathering a wealth of data they can sell to advertisers.

Now here's the kicker, as outlined in a recent NY Times article, Google offers handy incentives for brands to be on G+

The company has also pushed brands to join Plus, offering a powerful incentive in exchange — prime placement on the right-hand side of search results, with photos and promotional posts.

"It is literally promotion that money can't buy," Mr. Elliott said. "It is something that Google could make billions off of if they sell that space tomorrow, and they're giving it away to try to get people onto the social platform."

If you post on G+, it's going to help with your SEO strategy, as those posts are going to show up in Google search results. Booyah!

Now I see you reaching for the phone to make that call to your Digital Agency (if you can't find the number, just call +61 2 9922 3438). But just wait a minute and think what you are going to ask your agency for. The question may not be 'why are we not on G+', it may be 'for SEO, why are we doing anything else'?

If you haven't called us yet, you can always reach us on email instead ;-).

[footnote from website editor: Todd likes to use the word "Booyah". A lot. We're sorry.]

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