HubSpot Quote-to-Cash Integration with Chargebee

By Matthew Han on Jul 13, 2022
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Chargebee has recently released their latest integration plugin called the HubSpot Quote-to-Cash integration. This is an amazing integration that provides B2B sales teams with the tools to create customers, collect payment methods, create subscriptions from a HubSpot deal and more, without ever having to leave HubSpot. We recently helped a client make use of this new integration to boost their B2B sales processes!

The main benefit of this integration is that it allows you to quickly create a Chargebee subscription from product line items attached to a deal.

Once the line items are added it's as easy as toggling "Create Subscription" to generate the link for the customer to complete. This link was then inserted into the HubSpot quote so the customer could quickly and easily complete the sale.

Chargebee HubSpot quote-to-cash integration Chargebee HubSpot quote-to-cash integration


How we used this to help our client

Our client was a company that offers a complete accounting automation platform to its clients. Our client was using both HubSpot and Chargebee when we engaged with them, so when the early access HubSpot integration was released, we decided it would be the perfect fit for them.

We firstly configured and set up the integration, so they could start getting the most out of HubSpot and Chargebee. Once the integration was set up, we structured both systems so that the Chargebee Subscription ID is copied to the HubSpot deal record and company record.

We also created a HubSpot custom coded workflows to take product information and apply that to company properties. This gives our clients' sales team the ability to gain a quick overview of what products a company has purchased, without having to go into the deal record and allows for much easier reporting in terms of cross sell opportunities.

Lastly, we used custom coded workflow action and Chargebee’s API to apply the correct subscription ID to the Deal and Company records in HubSpot so that accounts could quickly find the correct subscription on Chargebees side.

By configuring the new HubSpot Quote-to-Cash integration for our client, they now have access to awesome sales tools directly in HubSpot, and a simpler sales process.

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