Analytics Amplifier: Bringing HubSpot and Google Analytics together (finally!)

By Ralph Vugts on Sep 14, 2020
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Here’s how it works

Right now, HubSpot tries to match user activity via email address - but as we all know, many of us have multiple email addresses. So if you’re using an address on a HubSpot landing page that’s different from your Google sign-in, they won’t match and your data won’t add up. 

Knowing this, we’ve developed a way to match on and offline events in the most accurate way possible - by matching Google Client ID. For those who don’t know, Google uses the Client ID as a tracker to identify users as they go about their business online. So even if you’re using a dodgy email address, they’ll know who you are.

We’ve harnessed the power of the Client ID to work for HubSpot users - now in Google Analytics you’ll see your normal analytics data PLUS essential HubSpot fields. We’re talking lead scoring, lifecycle stage, personas, deal amounts… all the good stuff.

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Analytics Amplifier: The breakdown

Now agencies can connect their campaigns with high performing customers and serve different messaging to you at different lifecycle stages. You can extract all of HubSpot’s data and Google Analytics data straight out of GA and put it into Google Data Studio allowing you to show your customers a true attribution model.

In short, Analytics Amplifier can help businesses:

  • Drive profitability;
  • Enhance business intelligence and measure ROI;
  • Report and measure user interaction; and
  • Advance their audience targeting. 

We’ve presented this to fellow HubSpoters at Boston’s App Accelerator Program, to HubSpot Partners here at home and to our own clients and (not to put words in anyone’s mouth) but they’re all saying the same thing…

Game changer. 

Latest update!

We have been working on some exciting updates to Analytics Amplifier to further enhance its capabilities.  Now you can:

  1. Create custom events triggered by workflows
  2. Custom Dimensions

Ready to really take your data even further? Analytics Amplifier is only US$49.95/month - but you can give it a free 7-day trial.

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