2018 B&T Awards Best Digital Services Finalists

By Geff Harper on Sep 21, 2018

Like a stealth bomber, Engaging.io have been flying under the radar doing cool stuff for almost a decade. In fact nothing like a stealth bomber in any way other than we’ve consciously never tried to put ourselves in the spotlight.

This year though, we thought what the hell, maybe we should tell people about the cool stuff we’ve been doing. We'll break out the tulle and bow ties, because on our first submission attempt we’ve been selected as finalists for the 2018 B&T awards. To be honest, it feels kinda great. In fact, we’re now wondering if the whole stealth strategy was really all it was cracked up to be…

The Best Digital Services Award is for agencies who have used innovation to impact and add value to the digital industry. Whilst there’s some great competition in this category and we’re not getting ahead of ourselves, we reckon we’ve got a great chance. So watch this space, wish us luck, and if anyone knows any of the judges and wants to mention how really, really, really nice we all are, then that’d be ok too.


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