Advanced lead rotation using Custom Objects in HubSpot

By Matthew Han on August 31, 2022

Here’s how we helped a client set up accurate lead rotation using Custom Objects in HubSpot. Our client was a residential building company that has offices and locations all across Australia. They use an innovative franchise based model, and therefore needed automation to distribute leads to the correct location/franchisee. 

The issue

The issue our client faced was some franchise locations would overlap with each other. They had a large excel sheet of all of these locations and the exact postcode/suburb combinations that dictated who should get the lead. While this could have been setup in HubSpot via workflow, it would have been very painful admin time wise to maintain and update. 

What did we do?

In order to ensure that all address information was in a standard format for the workflow, we created a custom HubSpot form that had a Google Places API address lookup built into it.

When a contact would start to type their address into a form, it would autocomplete and standardize the lead’s location. Having a standard format for the leads location was very important as it ensured that the workflow can find a match in the custom object data.

We then loaded all of their postcode rules into a custom object and defined which franchise would receive that lead. 

Now the magic could happen via a custom coded workflow action which had all the logic to reference back to the relevant data in the custom object.

The final process:

  • Contact submits the webform with their autocomplete address
  • Our custom script auto populates hidden Suburb, Postcode & State properties on the HubSpot form
  • HubSpot workflow then picks up any new contacts without an owner and the pre-populated address detail
    • Custom coded action checks the custom object to find a match based on the location data
    • Once a match is found that franchise owner is applied as the contact owner

How did this help?

By automating our clients’ lead assignment, they can gain 100% confidence that the leads are allocated accurately. Furthermore, they no longer need to manually allocate leads, which frees up time for other important work.

Marketing can also report back on the number of leads generated for each Franchise as well. 

Matthew is a young marketer who loves taking on new challenges. He has an in-depth understanding of HubSpot and it’s features, as well as an appreciation for all forms of marketing media.

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