HubSpot sales, marketing & service alignment

Do you need to be able to communicate effectively with your segmented database? Then you need a CRM that gives you a true single view of your customer.

We can help with platform selection, integration, setup, training and implementation of your digital marketing strategies via your CRM and marketing automation system.

A unique blend of understanding, knowledge and delivery capability put Engaging IO in a class of their own. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michelle, Todd and the extended Engaging Team for almost 10 years now, during this time together we conceptualised and brought to market, several successful products, across the 23 countries we do business in. Engaging IO’s ability to cut through and get straight to the heart of the problem, puts them in a rare class I call true business partners. Not only are the team incredibly knowledgeable about core Sales, Marketing and Technology concepts, they have a wealth of practical HubSpot skills and experience to drive outcomes which deliver outstanding commercial results. I couldn’t recommend Engaging IO more highly.

Matt Baumgartner

It’s time to start thinking holistically about your Sales & Marketing functions – after all, they’re both just different stages in your revenue generation strategy. And Customer Service is where you build your advocates.

The technology of marketing makes the job of digital marketing easier, or at least that’s the plan! Many parts of your digital marketing strategy can be automated to intuitively guide your prospects through the ‘sales pipeline’ of your digital assets. Some detailed upfront planning together with selecting the right platform for your needs can exponentially improve your marketing efforts.

Our favourite part is the ability to test messaging and user flow directly with the users themselves. No more guessing what your potential customers want or need, a good Marketing Automation system can tell you.

As an integral element to your overall ‘tech stack‘, your marketing automation platform to track user behaviour, and enable truly segmented communication with your target customers.

Marketing automation platforms perform at their best when they’re seamlessly integrated to your website, CRM and programmatic media systems. And your physical hand-off, and SLA, between Sales & Marketing staff needs to be seamless as well.

Choosing the right platform

There are more of these platforms to choose from every day… we are platform agnostic, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to selection, which is why we’re developing a neat little tool to help you with your decision-making! Until then, if you’d like to talk through your options, drop us a line.

This is also a good updated representation of a comparison between platforms.

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