App development

Got a great idea for an app and need a partner who can guide you through the process?

Building apps can be an expensive and stressful experience, particularly if you're trying to get them built offshore. What you need is an agency who will bring all of its expertise to the table and partner with you through the process.

I worked with Engaging to help us build our first party data & content strategy. Engaging worked with all stakeholders, both in Australia and in the US to ensure that the assets that they were building for us integrated with our systems and were compliant with HO standards. They were knowledgeable, transparent and patient (sorry guys!). They took the time to understand our business and help us build content to engage our audience. They also worked well with our other agency partners. It was a true partnership rather than client/agency relationship.
Claire Bryant
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

We use our experience in UX/UI design and our knowledge of native development languages to design apps that are not only beautiful to use, but also just work.

We’ve built apps for start-ups and for enterprise clients with seamless systems and server integration for iOS, Android and online.

If you’re a startup, we’ll we’ll take you through the app building process and explain what needs to happen at each step. If you’re an established business and need help with a new or existing app, we’re more than happy to work with your team – get in touch!

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