Advanced CRM Implementations

The secret to Advanced CRM projects is understanding the project process. We know it!

Advanced CRM implementation projects are a large part of what we do and we have won global awards as a result. Throughout these projects we align Technology, People and Processes to drive positive business outcomes.

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Todd McPhee on three occasions, across three industries, throughout my career. The reason I continue to collaborate with Todd is he brings a plethora of gifts to the table: an in depth knowledge in his field, sharp analytical skills, and is a creative thinker and strategic planner with well-considered ideas. Todd delivers projects that satisfy the needs and budget of his clients, always with an eye firmly focused on future growth. On a personal note, I value Todd’s business morality and overall decency. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future.

Deane Brosnan
Shangri-la Hotel Sydney

Having been around for 11 years, we’re one of the most experienced partners. We know that tech and CRM projects succeed when there is a complete alignment between people, process and technology. We work with clients to ensure all these are aligned.

When HubSpot decided to run a global Certification for Advanced, or complex, implementations, we knew that was right in our sweet spot. Not only are we the only Australian’s certified, but we were recognised by HubSpot as best in the world!


So, if you’re thinking CRM, then you’ll definitely want to talk to us. Drop us a line!


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