Changes to Facebook that benefit companies

By Michelle O'Keeffe on Jul 26, 2012
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This week Facebook has announced some changes to the social media site that companies can use to better manage their Facebook pages, including:

  • the ability to schedule posts
  • the ability to create sponsored posts that don’t need to appear on the page’s timeline
  • more control over permissions for third party tools.

The ability to schedule posts used to only be possible through the use of third party tools such as HootSuite. Now, through its Pages Graph API, Facebook allows page admins to schedule posts for anywhere from ten minutes to six months in the future, without the use of an outside app.

Facebook page admins can also create unpublished page posts, which could be useful for companies who want to create sponsored posts for segmented marketing campaigns. These posts can be created specifically with a certain demographic in mind, and don’t have to be published to the page’s timeline, which displays posts for all Facebook fans.

The third and final change for Facebook marketers is the ability to control which permissions to grant to third party apps and tools. Previously, those Facebook page admins who wanted to use third party apps had to grant full permission, even if that’s more than the app required. Now, if, for example, an admin wanted to use an ad management app, they would only need to grant permission for the Ads Creator tool.

These are not the first changes that Facebook has made to try and improve marketing abilities for page admins in recent months. It’s launched new apps, new capabilities, and more. And these likely won’t be the final changes that Facebook page users can expect, as the social media giant is constantly making changes and adding features to help marketers make the most of their Facebook pages.

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