Creative realists.

Our aspirations

To partner with clients and other agencies to help them succeed

To learn big through failing small

To build big daring hairy digital things

To leave the world a nicer place than how we found it

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We love doing good work with good people and hopefully this page will show you how.

We’ve been partnering successfully with medium and large global organisations for over 13 years.

Our purpose is to align humans with technology to create better customer experiences and drive business outcomes.

We’re systems and process experts. We have deep experience across a number of platforms and are able to make objective recommendations based on our assessment of your needs.

We are 100% referral-based.

We are an award winning HubSpot partner 5 years running and one of the only global HubSpot partners to have Advanced Implementation Certification plus Platform Enablement and Onboarding accreditations.

We were recognised as HubSpot’s #1 for HubSpot Advanced CRM Implementations globally.

We are HubSpot’s top performing global integration partner and a HubSpot Connect partner with a number of apps in the HubSpot Marketplace.

Engaging Awards

We specialise in the following services for medium to large companies;

  • Tech stack audits & systems architecture
  • HubSpot setup & onboarding
  • HubSpot CRM migrations
  • Advanced CRM implementations
  • Systems integration
  • HubSpot CMS development
  • e-commerce website design & development
  • Marketing & media implementation & attribution reporting

We know that tech and CRM projects succeed when there is a complete alignment between people, process and technology.

Technology – We recommend and implement technology that will automate and personalise a contact’s journey to being a customer.

Process – We build out technical processes from “audit” through to “go live” that best suit your business needs to help drive success.

People – We work with your team to ensure they are ready to adapt to new systems and processes.

We work with clients to ensure all these are aligned.

People Technology Process

Improving our clients’ business is our business.

So why not contact us to see how we can improve your business!


Todd McPhee

Todd’s been in the media industry for over 25 years. He founded Engaging in 2009 because he saw how digital was going to be able to deliver exciting and measurable returns for his clients. He still has the knack for identifying new and emerging tech that will impact the industry. He’s an honest man who really enjoys direct contact with his clients.


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Michelle O’Keeffe

Michelle has been in marketing strategy for nearly 20 years. Michelle got involved in Engaging from Day 1 with the conviction of creating a business that ‘does great work with great people’, including clients, partners and staff. A born problem solver, she immerses herself in clients’ businesses and reconstructs their sales & marketing activities to ensure they operate to deliver directly on the business’ objectives. Michelle is passionate about maintaining a company and company culture that leaves the world a better place than we found it.


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Geff Harper

Geff’s been in design for over 20 years, in digital for more than 10. Geff uses User-Centred Design principles to develop CX and UX that delivers for clients. He loves problem solving, leading design sprints and prototyping. Geff advocates strongly for user feedback and enjoys the challenge of creating solutions that positively impact user behaviour and interaction with technology.

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Ralph Vugts

Ralph has been building and architecting platforms for over 15 years. Passionate and curious, he’s an a-typical developer who understands how users interact with the systems he builds. He understands that systems need to be human-friendly. Ralph loves working in an industry that is constantly changing and disrupting itself.


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