Virtual, mixed and augmented reality

Believe the hype!

These realities are a huge part of the future of digital. There are practical applications for each of these that will not only engage with your customers in ways you’ve never been able to before, but allow your customers a fully immersive interaction with your brand. Plus they’re really fun to build!

As with any form of business communications, it’s important that your VR, AR, MR experience is authentic. We can all think of fun ideas, but for most of us, the end game is increasing engagement with our brand.

Not sure how to authentically engage your audience via AR, VR or MR? Ask us, we’re currently building a number of games and apps to support all types of business needs.

Case studies

Disney Brave AR

We were tasked by Pacific Publications to bring Disney's Brave Blu Ray & DVD release print campaign to life. The campaign was based around a competition, we came up with the idea for users to use their phones to scan the double page spread in...

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