Tech stack integration & systems architecture

There is no point having all this awesome technology if your platforms don't talk to each other

Firstly, data and information is great, but you need to own your own data - don't let an agency own it! By all means, get advice on system setup and management, but it's your business and your clients, the direct ability to increase your business performance.

A tech stack, as the name implies, is comprised of different elements that, when combined, form a complete tool. Kind of like a transformer. But less destructive.

All elements of the tech stack work independently of each other, and depending on your business you may not even need all of the component parts. However, despite their standalone functionality, there are also intricate and complex interdependencies where different parts of the stack can hugely impact other parts, for better or worse depending upon how they have been set up and how they are used.

There’s quite a lot going on with tech stacks, we could go on for way too long! If you’d like to read more, here’s an article we prepared earlier

Systems architecture

The success of any technology ecosystem comes down to the design and consideration of each of the components. These components need to be selected and matched to your unique business objectives and to the humans in your organisation who will be managing them.

We provide short and long term advice to clients to help them creative their optimal Systems Architecture.

If you’d like advice on your tech stack, a ‘stack audit’, help with integration or systems architecture, drop us a line – this is the stuff that gets us excited!

Case studies

Optimising tech stacks for our clients

When we audit our client's systems, we often find there are several different platforms to perform different business functions. These can range from CRM, accounting, stock management and sales/marketing systems. Unfortunately, more often than not, these platforms do not share data with each other,...

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