Systems integration

A tech stack, as the name implies, is comprised of different elements that, when combined, form a complete tool. Kind of like a transformer. But less destructive. All elements of the tech stack work independently of each other, and depending on your business you may not even need all of the component parts. However, despite… Continue reading Systems integration

Advanced CRM Implementations

Having been around for 11 years, we’re one of the most experienced partners. We know that tech and CRM projects succeed when there is a complete alignment between people, process and technology. We work with clients to ensure all these are aligned. When HubSpot decided to run a global Certification for Advanced, or complex, implementations,… Continue reading Advanced CRM Implementations

HubSpot CRM Migrations

Data migration is a serious business consideration. When executed poorly, it can cause frustration and, potentially drive business decisions made on incorrect data. We have done many data migrations and have a proven phased approach that leads to success. For these projects to be successful, they need: Existing process review, analysis and refinement Existing technical… Continue reading HubSpot CRM Migrations

CX, UX & prototyping

Your User (or your customer, consumer, client, friend…) should be at the centre of all your product or service’s touchpoints. Your brand, your packaging, your language, your colours, your ads, your website, your communications and follow up – these are all direct interactions and opportunities to communicate your brand to your target market. But it… Continue reading CX, UX & prototyping

App development

We use our experience in UX/UI design and our knowledge of native development languages to design apps that are not only beautiful to use, but also just work. We’ve built apps for start-ups and for enterprise clients with seamless systems and server integration for iOS, Android and online. If you’re a startup, we’ll we’ll take… Continue reading App development