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XSync for Xero
Invoice your deals right inside 
HubSpot with Xero.

XSync Create, view, and edit Xero invoices quickly and easily without needing to leave HubSpot.

Raise Xero Invoices right inside HubSpot
Make deals and easily manage your invoices in one place. This plugin will let you invoice your HubSpot deals without leaving HubSpot. Once you create an invoice in HubSpot, it will automatically be available in Xero and the accounts team will be able to view & access the invoice right in Xero.

Streamline Your Process and Save Time
Spend less time on admin and more time on your client. It’s easy! The plugin will be available on the left-hand bar of any HubSpot deal or contact. Simply click the ‘Create invoice button’ and it will automatically sync to your Xero account for your accounts team to process.

Track invoice status from deals or contacts in HubSpot
XSync gives you full visibility over the progress of your invoices for each deal. Track the invoices that have been raised, paid or still outstanding.

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