A HubSpot CRM integration and automation set-up for Business Australia

Business Australia, formerly known as the NSW Business Chamber, are a not-for-profit organisation who work to support small or large businesses across Australia. They work to identify key issues impacting businesses and find practical solutions in an effort to help them grow, improve their efficiency, and advocate for better conditions on their behalf. 

Custom-built membership portal and database migration for IICT

Diversity People Exercise Class Relax Concept

IICT provides a membership body for alternative therapists, but over time they had piled one system onto another to try and manage their expanding service. None of the systems talked to each other leading to several years of outdated and mismatched data.  After taking on HubSpot to manage their CRM and marketing needs, they came… Continue reading Custom-built membership portal and database migration for IICT

A multi-system integration that helped turn Rawson Group around

The Rawson Group of companies are a New South Wales-based property developer with an annual turnover in the hundred’s of millions. In 2018 the Australian property market suffered a significant slowdown. Prior to this, in market boom time, property developers didn’t need good systems & processes to sell, but the market slowdown was so significant,… Continue reading A multi-system integration that helped turn Rawson Group around

Achieve Australia pilots HubSpot’s Custom Objects CRM function

Achieve Australia is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to social inclusion for people with disability. Achieve has been supporting people with disability since 1952; their services have now expanded to include long- and short-term accommodation, community participation, employment and support coordination services.

Systems integration and automation for Dymocks Tutoring

Potentia Tutoring was an independent tutoring business providing tutoring services to primary and secondary school children. The business had successfully grown from small beginnings to come to the attention of Dymocks, Australia’s leading bookseller chain. Potentia Tutoring thus became Dymocks Tutoring, a business with the backing of a well known brand, and with this came… Continue reading Systems integration and automation for Dymocks Tutoring

Delving into Blockchain

Blockchain.  It’s the tech that everyone’s talking about.  We work with two different blockchain frameworks, public and private (or permissioned).  Examples of public blockchains are frameworks like  Ethereum, whilst permissioned blockchains operate on frameworks like IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric. There’s a lot to understand, so let us help you…

Bid Management System Development

Bid Metrics have proven through years of data gathering, that if their customers use a scoring system when putting together complex bids, and they increase their response score, they will significantly increase their chances of winning the bid. We helped Bid Metrics digitise this scoring system by creating an app to manage, track and score… Continue reading Bid Management System Development

Digital Media for Aircalin

Aircalin approached us to help them with their media campaign. They’d historically focused more on traditional media and wanted us to help increase engagement through digital channels.