A HubSpot Portal Transfer and Integration Implementation for ALTA

ALTA is a globally recognised company that runs a 20 week mixed martial arts program. The aim of this program is to provide their clients with world class MMA training, with the potential to compete in their first amateur MMA bout at the end. ALTA needed a CRM platform to automate their sales and marketing processes whilst integrating with their external systems, and therefore was already using HubSpot. However, because of ALTAs rapid growth, their HubSpot portal was becoming difficult to manage. This is where we stepped in!

We were up against really aggressive build and deployment plans and Engaging were sensational in how they were able to team with us and help us along the way. We were able to get a customised CRM that really supported the re-launch of our global business. Highly recommend the team at Engaging.

Dylan Price-Brennan, Technical Director

The Challenge

ALTA was looking to scale quickly, and needed to create a solid technology foundation to support such swift growth. However, in order to grow effectively, ALTA needed to tame the data in their HubSpot portal. Before we engaged with ALTA, they had a large amount of workflows which weren’t easily replicable, and a lot of their processes required manual assistance to function properly. ALTA needed their HubSpot portal to work more efficiently for them by cutting out these manual processes.

In addition, ALTA was also going through a branding change from their previous name, Wimp2Warrior. Hence, they needed brand new templates to match their new branding. 

Lastly, ALTA needed to integrate HubSpot with their various external platforms. They needed HubSpot to integrate with their bespoke ecommerce platform, Commerce Tools which contained crucial user data. They also needed to integrate with Aircall, an amazing call center software, and Sakari for their SMS services.

What did we do

Instead of cleaning up their current portal, ALTA decided to acquire a new portal to start from scratch, and transfer only relevant data from the old portal to the new one. Thus, we onboarded ALTA onto their new Hubspot portal whilst maintaining their old one so their business could still continue…

A 2 week sprint

We started with a two week sprint to update settings, forms, deal pipelines, lists and reports in their old portal. This quick win allowed ALTA to operate more effectively in the meantime as we helped onboard them onto their new one.

5 Steps to onboarding success

From there, we began a 5 step process to successfully onboard ALTA onto their new HubSpot portal:

Step 1 – Process Mapping
  • Firstly, we had to map which processes needed to be migrated. This included contact data, deals, companies and two custom objects; intro classes and programmes.
Step 2 – Data analysis and migration
  • We analysed ALTA’s current data and then migrated it over to the new portal. In order to avoid bringing over all data, ALTA chose to run out all existing leads in their current portal, and have all new leads feed directly into the new portal.
Step 3 – HubSpot Configuration
  • We then set up and configured HubSpot for ALTA. We set up marketing, sales and service hub for them. We also created a custom CRM extension for ALTAs sales team to process memberships and payments on the contact record. Furthermore, we also created brand new email and landing page templates to match their rebranding. 
Step 4 – Training
  • Next, we trained the ALTA team on how to effectively utilise HubSpot. We used the ‘Train the trainer method’ which means we identified who would pilot the new processes and then trained them, so that they could go on to train the rest of the team.
Step 5 – Testing and Go Live
  • Lastly, we performed our final testing, and then put ALTAs new portal live!

Simultaneously, we also set up the HubSpot integration with ALTA’s platform, Commerce Tools. The way this works is, once an order comes through Commerce Tools, a deal is created and associated to a contact within HubSpot and then, programme, intro class and location information is transferred into HubSpot as well. 

We also set up an integration between HubSpot and Aircall, which syncs crucial customer data between both systems seamlessly.

Lastly we also integrated Sakari with HubSpot additional SMS marketing functionality.

What happened next

ALTA now has a brand new HubSpot portal which is easier to operate and navigate, making daily processes for them much faster. ALTA also has brand new templates to match their rebrand which can easily be customised and distributed. In addition, ALTA has all necessary data and functionality ready and available in their HubSpot portal as a result of the integrations that we set up with Commerce Tools, Aircall and Sakari.

All of this combined allowed ALTA to operate more effectively and with more control over their sales and marketing processes, giving them the opportunity to scale at the rate that they desired.

If you’re interested in learning MMA with ALTA, click here to find out more!

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